5 Gallon Equipment Kit


5 Gallon Starter Kit

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All the equipment you need to make your first batch of extract beer with the exception of a small 5-8 gallon brew kettle or stock pot from your kitchen, and bottles.

Package includes the following items …
27″ Spoon
27 litre Bucket Primary Fermenter
27 litre Fermonster Secondary Fermenter
1 air lock
#10 Drilled Rubber Stopper
#6-5 Drilled Rubber Stopper
6 feet 3/8″ siphon hose
Regular Auto Siphon
Auto Siphon Clamp
Digital Thermometer
Hydrometer Test Jar
8 oz Star San
1 lb Powdered Brewers Wash
Bottle Filler

Additional information

Weight11 lbs
Dimensions15 × 15 × 39 in


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