Amber Ale


An amber, hoppy, moderate-strength American craft beer with a caramel malty flavor. The balance can vary quite a bit, with some versions being fairly malty and others being aggressively hoppy. Hoppy and bitter versions should not have clashing flavors with the caramel malt profile.

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Ingredient 1 Gallon 2.75 Gallon 5.5 Gallon 5.5 Gallon Eco 11 Gallon
2-Row Malt 4 lbs 8 lbs
Crystal 75 Malt 0.5 lbs 1 lb
Munich Malt 0.5 lbs 1 lb
Victory Malt 0.5 lbs 1 lb
Target Hops 0.38 oz 0.75 oz
Willamette 0.38 oz 0.75 oz
East Kent Golding 0.25 oz 0.5 oz
Fermentis US-05 1 x 5.5g Pkg 1 x 11g Pkg


Estimated Numbers

Original Gravity:

Final Gravity :



ABV %:

Amber Ale water targets: Ca= ppm, Mg= ppm, Na= ppm, Cl= ppm, SO4= ppm

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Beer Kit Size

5.5G Eco, 11G, 1G, 2.75G, 5.5G


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