Belgian Wit


This unfiltered style of ale is pale and cloudy in appearance due to the high level of wheat, and sometimes oats, used in the mash. Always spiced, generally with coriander, orange peel, and occasionally other spices or herbs in the background. The crispness and slight tang comes from the wheat and the lively level of carbonation.  Sometimes served with a lemon, order one without a garnish if you truly want to enjoy the untainted subtleties of this style. Often referred to as “white beers” (witbieren) due to the cloudiness created by yeast in suspension.

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Ingredient 1 Gallon 2.75 Gallon 5.5 Gallon 11 Gallon
Pilsner Malt 4.9 lb
Wheat Flakes 4.5 lb
Oat Flakes 1.1 lb
Munich Malt 0.25 lb


Hallertau Hops (60 min) 1.75 oz
Sweet Orange Peel (5 min) 1.5 oz
Coriander Seed (5 min) 0.25 oz
Chamomile Flowers (5 min) 0.04 oz


Belgian Whit 1 pkg (11g)


Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 8 in
Beer Kit Size

11G, 1G, 2.75G, 5.5G


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