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Are you a homebrewer or do you want keep larger volumes of beer on tap for an extended time? Well this is the kit for you! Has all the same features as the Pro Tap Kit but with all the extras that homebrewers need to serve the way that they are used to?

The Brewers Tap Kit comes with both the Picnic Tap and the Standard Beer Faucet because you really need both. The Beer Faucet is great for that sophisticated look at a dinner party or even at a campsite. But when you want to lay a keg on its side, the Picnic Tap is the way to go. Put the Tallboy in a cooler with ice and just pull out the Picnic Tap anytime you need a refill.

Beer Faucet – Serve beer like a pro with an actual pub tap. Equally awesome at dinner parties and campsites.

Picnic Tap – The plastic picnic tap works great in a fridge because it’s less prone to dripping. This tap also allows you to set your keg on its side for space savings.

Brewers Regulator – The perfect regulator for serving kegs over the weekend at the campsite, or at dinner parties. It is lightweight and easy to use and It comes standard with the Pro Tap Kit.

Trigger Charger – If you can’t do a proper “NO AIR FILL” at the brewery, use the trigger to purge as much oxygen from the keg as possible. As a brewer you know its not perfect but its a lot better than just screwing the cap on!

CO2 Adapters – If your going to be maintaining a perfect serving pressure as the tank drains, you want to be able to hook up to a full size CO2 tank. Choose between Full size tank, Paint ball tank or SodaStream Cylinder.

Quick Connect to Barb – Makes it super easy to run the hose from your CO2 tank to your keg or manifold.

Extra Hose – For dip tubes and hooking up to the CO2 tank

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