Brewzilla All Grain Brewing System 35L


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Robobrew All Grain Brewing System 9.25 Gallons Version 3.1.1

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Version 3.1.1
The easiest way to start all grain brewing today! The Robobrew All Grain Brewing System is a 9.25 gallon (35 L) capacity electric brewing system that makes it simple for homebrewers to step up to all grain brewing without a mountain of equipment and costs. This system includes a stainless steel mash tun/boil kettle, recirculation arm and pump, water resistant control panel, grain basket/malt pipe, spigot, and immersion wort chiller.
The Robobrew features dual heating elements, one 1000 watt and one 500 watt, to give you full control over the heating process. Individual switches control the elements, allowing you to fire both elements to quickly heat your water to mash temperature or bring your wort to a boil, or just use one element when you want to maintain a constant temperature. The on-board water resistant control panel allows you to set and monitor temperatures. The delayed start feature allows you to set your temp (up to 23 hours in advance) and have your brewing water hot and ready for when you wake up or return home from work.
A built-in magnetic drive pump recirculates your wort through the recirculation arm. Make sure to add on some high temp silicone tubing to gain even more control over the recirculation process; it also serves as a great transfer/drain tube for the include stainless steel ball valve. Recirculating your wort will increase your efficiency and lead to better beers with greater yields.
A stainless steel malt pipe makes converting from a mash tun to a boil kettle super simple. The easy to left handles on the malt pipe lets you raise the pipe above the Robobrew system, with bottom tabs to stabilize the malt pipe while allowing your wort to properly drain. The interior of the Robobrew features etched gallon/liter markings and has a 1/2″ stainless steel ball valve to easily drain and transfer your brew. Once your done boiling, the included immersion wort chiller will bring your brew back down to pitching temperature in no time!
Robobrew All Grain Brewing System Features:
-Dual Heating Elements (1000W & 500W)
-Magnetic Drive Pump
-Recirculation Arm
-Stainless Steel Malt Pipe
-Stainless Steel 1/2″ Ball Valve
-Digital Temperature Controller
-Immersion Wort Chiller
-Glass Lid
-Stainless Steel Construction
-9 Gallon Capacity (35 L)
-110 volt plug
-Dimensions: 21.625″ H (32.75″ with Recirculation Arm) x 12.5″ D

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