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DistilaMax® MW is recommended for the production of malt whisky. It has been selected for its ability to ferment maltose, maltotriose and other sugars of malted barley feedstock. It produces a congener profile that may increase the complexity, fruity and spiciness characters of spirits.
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Yeast strain: S. Cerevisiae
Alcohol tolerance: 15%
Optimal pH range: 3.5-6.0
Recommended temperature range: 20-33oC


Fermentation of malted barley for whisky production: 0.5-1.0 gram/L of wort


Please note that the optimal yeast dosage is variable according to individual distillery production processes.


  • For rehydration, use a clean container. Do not use demineralized water.
  • Rehydrate the yeast in clean water (the water should be 10 times the weight of the yeast and at a temperature of 32-36 oC).
  • Suspend contents carefully by gently stirring and then wait for 15-20 minutes maximum (minimum 10 minutes) before moving onto the next step.
  • Add this preparation to the wash. If there is a temperature difference of more than 8 oC between the wash to be inoculated and the rehydration solution, add some wash slowly into the rehydration solution to reduce the temperature difference.
  • Once the vacuum-sealed bag is open or broken, use yeast promptly.




DistilaMax® MW should be stored in a cool and dry area away from heat and direct sunlight for maximum stability. Shelf life is 3 years from date of manufacture if vacuum seal is not broken.

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