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  • DistilaZyme® BGis a liquid β-glucanase enzyme complex, derived from fermentation of Trichoderma reesei.
  • DistilaZyme BG mainly consists of an endo-β-glucanase that hydrolyzes (1-3) or (1-4) linkages in β-d-glucans.
  • DistilaZyme BG has been selected especially for its ability to break down β-glucans, that is present in rye,barley, wheat and other cereals, resulting in reduced viscosity, making pumping easier after mashing.
  • DistilaZyme BG and DistilaZyme AA activities synergize during mashing.
  • DistilaZyme BG displays an optimum activity at a pH range of4.5-6.0 and at a temperature range of 55 –65°C (130 -150°F).

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