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Portable CO2 charger that eliminates the need for CO2 tanks and hoses. Pressurizes any 3 or 5 gallon cornelius keg. Works on either ball-lock or pin-lock fittings (aka disconnects). The Cornelius Keg CO2 Charger is the ideal tool for any home brewer using Cornelius kegs. Our keg charger, which can fit inside your pocket, eliminates the need for cumbersome and costly CO2 tanks, regulators and hoses. Attach the pin-lock or ball-lock valve to the Cornelius Keg. Drop a 16 gram non-threaded CO2 cartridge into the cartridge cup and screw the cup to the dispenser head. Next, connect the charger by threading it directly onto the quick disconnect valve. You can easily control the flow of CO2 into the keg by pressing the finger trigger, and then stop the gas flow by releasing the trigger. Any remaining CO2 left in the cartridge can be saved for later use.

WARNING: Never attach the ball or pin lock valve to the charger first. It can cause the valve to be OVER-PRESSURIZED and fail. Always attach the ball or pin lock valve to the keg first, then attach the Cornelius CO2 Keg Charger to the disconnect valve. Construction: High strength, glass-reinforced nylon, with brass valve internals

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