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People once scoffed at the moonshine that Grandpa used to make out behind the barn. This is no longer the case. People are now interested in reviving the lost art of home distillation…and taking it to the next level. This book has been written for all those intrepid souls out there who want to revive the lost art of home distillation. For those hardy adventurers who want to make a batch of Whisky or Gin in their she-sheds and man-caves on a Saturday morning. Just like Grandpa.

Technically, home distilling is illegal in most parts of the world. As you venture down the path of home distilling, I ask that you remain aware of this at all times. The winds of change are, however, starting to blow. Social norms are being re-defined. More and more small businesses are manufacturing and selling the equipment and supplies necessary to distill at home. But, don’t push the envelope. If you take up home distilling as a hobby, keep that hobby to yourself. Do not be selling your product to strangers or giving it away to your neighbors unless you have the legal right to do so.

The first part of this book takes you on a brief journey through the history of alcohol. The second part provides you with detailed information on raw materials, cleaning, water, fermentation science, distillation science, oak ageing, and the equipment needed to home distill. The final section offers recipes and procedures to help you launch your new hobby of “Reviving the Lost Art of Home Distilling.”

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