Custom Kit Builder

(Note: Malts & Grains are lbs, Hops are oz)

(Please read and be clear of these instructions before placing your order)

Small grain bill kits are subject to a $10 per kit surcharge (small being anything less than a 5 gallon batch). To combine malts into a single grain bill please use the kit # option. Kit #1 malts will be put in a single bag, kit #2 in a separate bag, etc. If you do not select a kit number all malts will be put in a single bag. Selecting yes for a milled option will get you all the milled malts in a single bag along with any flaked product with the same kit #. Hops can also have kit # and will be bagged separately. If you want the same hop with different weights in more than a single package you can add them one at a time and put a kit number as well. They will be labeled with the kit number and the weight in ounces. This would facilitate the same hop for different hop additions. Keep in mind the more separation of product the more the kit may cost. Submit the kit for payment request, once it is reviewed you will receive an email asking for payment. After payment we will assemble the kit and you will receive an email when its ready for pickup This is an Online order therefore it MUST BE PAID ONLINE!!! Any questions feel free to text kevin @ 306-209-8977.

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