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Professional Beverage Line Cleaning

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What We Do …

Professionally clean draft lines using caustic, acid chemicals or environmentally friendly alternative cleaners for a minimum of 15 minutes with a recirculating pump. Clean lines deliver clean beer to your customers and minimize foaming issues which lowers your pour costs. Faucets and keg couplers also get cleaned and checked to ensure everything is in good working order.

Why this is the preferred process … 

Electric recirculating pump cleaning is the recommended method for nearly all draft systems. Cleaning with a pressurized canister is most common but is significantly less efficient and more time consuming – and typically only recommended when recirculation cleaning isn’t possible. The canister method may also require a higher concentrate of chemicals.

What you can expect …

  • Your choice of caustic, acid or environmentally friendly chemicals
  • Heated cleaning solution that is recirculated for a minimum of 15 minutes
  • Taps disassembled, inspected and cleaned
  • Detailed maintenance records
  • Work area left clean upon completion
  • We are also able to provide new installs, replacements, additions, removals and other maintenance (for an additional cost)

The Bottom Line or Cost …

  • $12 per line
  • $3/faucet (includes disassembly, inspection and cleaning)


  • $15 per line on a monthly basis. Includes line cleaning and replacing faucet seals if required and keg couplers – replaced annually. (dependent upon part availability)

Call Kevin for more information or to set up a site visit & quote.

Typical setup for a dynamic line cleaning