Neoprene Draft Tower Sleeve (4.5 in.)


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This insulating neoprene sleeve slips over your draft tower to keep your draft lines icy cold. The draft tower sleeve was designed to fit the tower like a glove, but can be used with most 4.5″ draft towers. The sleeve comes without holes so it can be customized to fit your faucet arrangement, whether it be single, double, or triple tap. Made from 7 mm thick neoprene.


  • Remove the faucets from the tower, keeping the shanks in place
  • Pull the sleeve down over the tower
  • Mark the position of the shanks and use a sharp pair of scissors to cut a hole in the sleeve
  • Stretch the hole over the shanks and reattach the faucets

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Dimensions 14 × 5 × 0.5 in


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